29″ CRT Tube Screen Arcade Unit with 2800 Games

29″ CRT Tube Screen Arcade Unit with 2800 Games

This is as original as it gets, fitted with traditional old school CRT screen.

Classic, vintage, retro, old school are all words to describe this unit.

Large telly tube displays the games we all love.

The list of the 2800 games included with this Arcade Unit can be downloaded here.

- Classic style arcade machine  for old school vibe - This arcade is based on the exact style and dimensions as the original.

- Comes standard for home users without front door coin usage. Game is set on freeplay.

If you’d like to install a front door (business use), the additional options are:

• Single front door, 1 coin slot incl coin mech
• Double front door, 2 coin slots incl coin mechs
• Front door lock

- Colour options are: Standard Black on the sides with a choice of red, blue or black in the front.

If stock is not readily available. Average manufacture time is +/- 2 week for order.

Additional information

Weight 0.00000000 kg
Front Door Lock - Used with Coin Mech

No, Yes

Coin Mechanism For Business Use

Double Front Door, 2 Slots Coin Mech, No Coin Mechanism, Single Front Door, 1 Slot Coin Mech


Black, Blue, Orange, Red


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